Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Big Thank & Stamping Bella

Hello, I hope you had a great weekend.  I am taking the online Copic Jumpstart class from Sandy Allnock, it is keeping me very busy but super fun.  The class is packed with a lot of information on how to use Copic markers, make your own colours with Copic, blending and shading, and Sandy's insights about Copic markers.  It is way worth the money!

Anyway, regarding my card this week, do you have those moments that you were working on a card but hadn't finished and not sure if you would continue working on it, cause it didn't turn out the way you want.  But then the next day, you saw something laying on your craft table, you picked it up and put it on top of your unfinished card and "BINGO", you got an idea and became passionate again about the card that you almost gave up!

That is what this week's card is about.  I had an Stamping Bella's image I wanted to colour and decided to pull out my Faber-Castell's Albrecht Durer watercolour pencils.  I coloured the girl and didn't like how it turned out.  I didn't want to colour the rest and left it for a night.  Then, the next day I saw this big Thank sentiment die piece left on desk from when I was helping my daughter with her card.  I got a random idea on where to put this sentiment and boom...I was all excited again!