Monday, February 6, 2017

A Happy Accident - Believe In Magic!

Hello my crafty friends.  Hope you guys have a great weekend.  I got sometime to play with Hot Pressed watercolour paper and the Mermaid Markers on Sunday and I had a blast!

I have never used hot pressed watercolour paper before.  The texture of the hot pressed watercolour is super smooth, it feels almost like Yupo.  I decided to experiment with it using my new Mermaid Markers (water based ink brush)!  

What I found is that the super smooth texture allows the inks to flow anywhere just like alcohol ink on Yupo.  It is great cause I am very sensitive to smells and the only alcohol markers I can handle is Copic.   Though, it takes longer to dry cause the paper didn't absorb the water/inks as fast as the cold pressed watercolour paper!

The Happy Accident in the title is referring to the electrifying colours that come out from the heart.  The heart was the first thing I dropped colours in, I didn't apply the colours directly on the paper, I squeezed the colour out on a acrylic block first then picked them up using a water brush.  

Of course I didn't know the paper does not absorb the colours the way the cold pressed would, I dropped too much colours into the heart and it was a puddle of, luckily, contained water.  I thought I would use my heat gun to dry it up so that I can move on, but boom, the colours just shoot out of the heart.  

It wasn't intended but it was beautiful, I liked it so much that I added other colours to the heart and did the same... and the results was stunning (to me anyway)!

It was super fun playing with the colours on Hot Pressed watercolour paper and I am going to do more projects like this soon!

Both the image and the sentiment are from a retired stamp set called Pure Innocent Happy Heart Snowman from My Favourite Things.  

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